Support Chelsea Manning’s Legal Funds With Music

Earlier this month whistleblower and hero Chelsea Manning was taken into custody for resisting a grand jury investigation into Wikileaks. Grand juries, in the United States of America, are a ...
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The Sound of 1 Million Protesters

The already infamous Brexit is just around the corner. No matter what opinion you might have on the issue, it can be imagined that it has taken a toll on ...
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Spotlight On: Church Of The Undecided & JhOst

In the Shouts spotlight today we have a collaboration and a much discussed topic. It seems that, unless the mentality changes for many people, creative people will keep singing about ...
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Malta: A Scene Report From The Loud Women Crew

This article was originally posted on and re-posted here with permission. Janelle Borg (of Maltese punk band Cryptic Street) reports on the women at the forefront of the Maltese ...
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Feminist Radio Show 1st Friday Of Every Month

What: Monthly feminist online radio show When: 10pm EST (United States) Where: Online (Lucky Star We caught up with Elysa who manages the Grrrl Power Hour on Lucky Star ...
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Antonio Sanchez’ New Album Honors Migrants

Percussionist and composer, Antonio Sanchez, perhaps most famous for his solo drum score for 'Birdman', has released a new piece of jazz work entitled 'Lines In The Sand'. The cover ...
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19 Year Old Protest Singer Releases Her First Single

Annabel Gutherz has just released her first single and if it is any indication of what is to come she may have a great career ahead of herself. At only ...
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Our Top Picks For 2018’s Protest Music

People seem to be fixated on the idea that there isn't any protest music out there anymore. As if it all ended with Dylan and Baez. This type of nostalgic ...
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David Byrne presents 60 years of protest music

As David Byrne correctly points out, some newspapers and media like to believe that there is no protest music anymore. But the truth is that if anyone bothers to look ...
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