Music Freedom Day 2020

“Do you think that art is not a crime? Do you consider that artists should be able to express themselves freely? Do you want to stand in solidarity against the threats and silencing of artists?”

Music Freedom Day is a concept started by the human rights organisation Freemuse who defend and advocate for the freedom of artistic expression. They do tremendous work and are one of the larger organisations in the world campaigning artists and fighting for their right to use their voices freely.

Anyone can participate in Music Freedom Day. All you have to do is check out Freemuse’s webpage and think of an event that represtents artistic freedom:

“You can organise any type of event: a discussion, a workshop, a movie screening, a debate, an artistic performance, dedicate a song or make a statement during a performance, create a playlist of censored music, make a live performance on social media, spread the word about this event in the media and/or on your private blog, etc. The options to mark the day are manifold and limitless!”

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