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Melanie Trump’s jacket gets response from Jill Vedder and Jenna Ortega

At a recent concert in Milan Pearl Jam’s First Lady, Jill Vedder, wore a jacket with a rather tapey looking text that said: “Yes we care. Y-don’t U?”. This comes as a response to the ridiculous jacket Melanie Trump wore recently that famously said: “I really don’t care. Do you?”.

Although the mainstream media has focused mostly on the fact that Mrs. Trump was photographed wearing this jacket as she boarded Air Force One on her way to visit a detention center were children had been separated from their parents at the Us-Mexico border, one could argue that the pivotal thing in all of this is the message the jacket boasted. Indifference to the hardship people face in the world today must not exist. Everyday people are fighting to inform and educate and spread patience, unity and tolerance. For the First Lady of, unfortunately, one of the most influential countries in the world to ruin such work and spread such a blatant message of indifference is beyond tragic. We can only hope that response jackets start popping up around the world at an intense rate with alternative words of wisdom.

Perhaps a movement is brewing. One 15 year old artist, Jenna Ortega, participated a few days ago (same night as the PJ Milan show) at the Radio Disney Music Awards wearing a jacket stating: “I do care and U should too”.

During another recent concert, in London, Eddie Vedder took the opportunity, as he does, to share his concerns about the much covered U.S. border patrol policiy and use his voice as a responsible musician ought to.


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