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Artists and social activists in India fight a global corporation with music

Kodaikanal is a small city in India that sits 2000 m above sea level in forest hills. In 2001 a Unilever thermometer factory shut down after it became clear they were dumping broken thermometers filled with mercury within Kodaikanal.

After years of struggle between activists and Unilever a young artist by the name of Sofia Ashraf wrote lyrics to a music video that called Unilever out on there lack of actions and furthermore would go on to gather over 4 million views.

Unfortunately, to this day, the factory ground is still contaminated with mercury so activists have gathered to make a new video which states that they still care, they are still there and they still won’t step down until Unilever cleans the the mess they left behind. For this sequel T M Krishna and Amrit Rao joined the production of the highly catchy fusion music video.

The campaign asks you to participate by asking Unilever CEO Paul Polman to commit to a world-class cleanup of Kodaikanal – http://bit.ly/2tEfT51 or give a missed call on +91 7338730702 . In another video Sofia Ashraf explains the case thoroughly and highlights some of the errors Polman has made in defending Unilever’s actions, or rather, inactions.

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