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Song Of The Day: Out With The Old By Monowhales (Video)

One could watch the loop that is the visual for Out With The Old on silent and get a rather full idea of the song. With a dark background and a woman (singer of the band) reading a burning newspaper Monowhales take a stand as a generation whose responsibility is “to carve a path forward”. We do recommend though watching the video with the audio on full volume because Out With The Old is a smashingly fun and positive song.

“As a band, we try our best to always move forward with positivity despite the darkness we’ve all experienced. We are working towards more caring, nurturing and inclusive ways of thinking and treating one another. 

There’s been so much loss and heartbreak in the world this year but we are all in the midst of a paradigm shift. We have no choice but to embrace the new reality of our lives. “

For further music from Monowhales check out their webpage.

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