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This Saturday, artist’s will march to the UN and demand a seat at the decision-making table

The creative sector is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies around the world, yet it remains, according to some, an “untapped source” when it comes to solving the world’s greatest problems.

Lisa Russell, filmmaker and founder of Create2030. Image retrieved from the project’s webpage.

This Saturday, September 16th, people will not only be marching in México to celebrate the country’s independence but across the border, in New York City, artists and cultural workers will stride from Times Square down to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across the street from the United Nations.

The event is managed by Create2030, an artist-led initiative founded by Emmy award winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell. The initiative is an international network of artists and storytellers who use their voices and platforms to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The march will start in Times Square, where a stage will be set for speakers and artists to perform (one of whom is Nejma Nefertiti whom we at Shouts have interviewed more than once).

Nejma will, besides speaking, debut an acapella version of her new piece, “WetheArtists! and you get a chance to be in her music video.

“It’s important to care about all struggles that are going on in the world, whether it’s close to you or not. It’s crucial to care about all children, not just your own. This is a unique and grand opportunity to evolve our world. Musicians have always played a part in that. Voices are being amplified as they should. Musicians reflect the times and are often ahead. I can’t speak for all musicians, because there’s a wide range of consciousness out there, but the musicians I know and love are fighting for justice, truth, and freedom.”

– Nejma Nefertiti

Event speakers will present a list of demands written in consultation with the artistic community and address issues such as unpaid labor, lack of representation, neglect of intellectual property rights, poor leadership choices and more.

WHERE: Times Square to UN (New York, US)
WHEN: 16th of September 2023 from 3-7 pm.

New The 1975 Song Ft. Greta Thunberg

Across Europe these days people are experiencing soaring temperatures and devastatingly unusual heat. Nearby, in one of the geographically largest countries on the planet, wildfires in Russia are spreading at an alarming rate. In Iceland, a memorial plaque has been created for first glacier in the country that has fallen victim to climate change.

So The 1975‘s recent release of their new song that features the voice of Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is timely, to say the least. The track builds up beautifully and dramatically woven entirely through and around Greta’s speech which she, now famously, presented to the United Nations.

Protest music does not have to only be an unknown troubadour with a Guthrie sticker on his/her guitar. It comes in many forms and more importantly, like everything else today like journalism or activism, it must be a collective effort.

This collaboration between The 1975 and Greta Thunberg is a fantastic example of how larger artists can use their voice for good. Greta’s message will now reach countless people, young and old, which is highly important in these times of distorted narratives. The song will not change the problems we are facing, but it can change a mind or two.

Additionally Greta asked that all revenues from the song’s sales should go to Extinction Rebellion.