Defamation cases against women speaking up about sexual violence is a growing trend around the world. The music industry has always had its share of sexism and machismo as other disciplines within the arts.

Nowadays there are many female musicians who use their voices to change these old structures and ways of thinking. The narratives must change and it is our responsibility as the audience to listen to them.

A group of women are currently fighting defamation claims from a male musician who is the ex-boyfriend of one of the women. Claims were filed to her as well as to former partners of the man and to feminist musicians who spoke out about the case.

These women do not agree to being silenced nor should they. But these kind of things are costly and these are independent musicians struggling already making beautiful, powerful and important music for the rest of us.

Below is a playlist on Spotify that supports the women and the bands in question. Also check out the CrowdJustice page and consider chipping in to help with legal costs and visit the group’s Facebook page as well for updates.

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Halldór is the managing editor of Shouts - Music from the Rooftops!, an investigative journalist, audio engineer, and animal rights activist. Currently based in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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