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Young Artists From Montenegro Release An Anti-War Song In Support Of Ukrainian Children (ENG Sub)

“Images of suffering brought back to me the suppressed memories of what all of us residents of the area of former Yugoslavia suffered during the 1990s when my own quiet and fairytale childhood ended due to horrors of war.”

Kadić Bojanić in interview with balkansmedia.org

Milica Radan and Komnen Vuković are two young singers from Montenegro who, in collaboration with vocal group D-mol, have released an anti-war song devoted to the Ukrainian children currently suffering from Russian invasion of their country.

The lyrics of the song was written by Marijana Kadić Bojanić, while the music was composed by Danijel Alibabić.

“Stop the bombs, bring back our dreams,
Our sunflowers, that are scared of the dark.
We are the army of the Sun, we are the army of happiness,
It’s because of us that the planet of peace revolves.”

The music video, published by Montenegro media company Vijesti, has subtitles in English. Check it out below and share the song’s message all around. Spread the word of peace.