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Veterans For Peace Hold An Online Benefit Concert Ft. Tom Morello, Ryan Harvey And More

Veterans For Peace was mostly started by U.S. soldiers who served in the Vietnam War and who openly opposed to that war (many of whom were still active in the army). Now a new generation of army veterans have come into the organisation fighting for peace and the end of wars. Please support them if you can.

The concert, which took place on November 30th, featured music from musicians (some being veterans also) such as Tom Morello, Nathaniel Rateliff, Maya Azucena, Brittney Chantele, Ryan Harvey, Dale Novella, Emily Yates and Stepen Capaldi.

Some of the performances were pre-recorded and some live. Tom Morello showed up for an interview before showing a recording of his song Let Freedom Ring.

The full Facebook stream can be seen here

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