Music Video Of The Day: 12 O’clock Rock By The Cornel West Theory

Veterans of the rap scene in Washington D.C. The Cornel West Theory (CWT) have released a new album titled ‘By The Time I Get To Minnesota’. For those who don’t know CWT we recommend you check them out. This is raw, brutal, rap music with some punk elements to it. Lyrically these guys are the real deal. This is real rap that holds nothing back. CWT have dedicated their career to rhymes that take on the government, hold the powerful to account and create a voice for the voiceless.

Now they have released a music video for one of the outstanding banging tracks of the album, 12 O’Clock Rock. This track is a personal favorite at Shouts HQ’s so we do hope you check it out.

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Tim Hicks, frontman of the group, explained to us the motivation behind the track: “That song was inspired by the unfortunate murders of American citizens in the Black communities and the constant denial of justice. It was inspired by the uprisings and made as a wake up call for the climate being created by law enforcement within the USA.”

“We just aimed to make an album full of protest anthems and this one was directly influenced by the reality of cops getting away with murder and the reaction of society to such action.”

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