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“The Time Has Come For Love”: New song sends all profits to Doctors Without Borders

Irish protest singer and folk musician, Andy White, just dropped a new song, giving all the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. As we all know, things are looking pretty bleak, all around the world, and Andy felt the urge to do something and he urges all of us to do what we can.

In his case, the talent lies in creating music, raising awareness, and gathering funds for selfless doctors who risk their lives every day attending to casualties of war and other tragedies.

Andy writes:

“As you know there is a humanitarian disaster happening right now. We do what we can do. March, donate, write… Recorded it at home and I have just put it up on Bandcamp. Any proceeds will go to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) msf.org.au.

“I couldn’t not write this song.”

Andy will be touring the UK and Ireland at the beginning of next year and release a new album in December. But as he writes, he felt he had no chance but to put this song out as soon as possible.

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He ends his message with an empathetic plea to those in power and responsible for the state of the world: “The time has come for love.”

Cover photo retrieved from Andy’s Facebook page and credited to Callum Wayne.