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Protest Singer/Songwriter Wins A Lyric Contest

Singer and songwriter Brian Estes is a hard working musician. He regularly writes and releases songs in protest of the powers that hurt his fellow people and in support of all those that stand up against tyranny.

In an interview with contest holders, American Songwriter, Brian explains the idea behind the lyrics to his song “Some Boys Grow Up To Be Soldiers”:

“The character in this song is nobody in particular. We all know him. He’s somebody’s uncle, friend, neighbor, father, son. He’s far from perfect, but when he served he was willing to lay down his life. It didn’t come to that, but he lost some essential part of himself along the way. I think of this as an anti-war song. Not a song about the men and women who die in wars, but about the survivors who return to find home is no longer their home. Of course “he’ll never admit what it cost” and so there is nothing to do but soldier on.”

“Some Boys Grow Up To Be Soldiers”
by Brian Estes

He waves his flag like a martyr
He bears his sins like a cross
He wears his skin just like armor
He’ll never admit what it cost  

He walks with a chip on his shoulder
He carries his burdens alone
Some boys grow up to be soldiers
And some of them never come home  

There once was a time when he loved her
The promise was sealed with a kiss
And sometimes he’s soft like the water
But sometimes he’s hard like a fist  

He can’t feel a thing when he holds her
As if he was carved from a stone
Some boys grow up to be soldiers
And some of them never come home  

His heart wasn’t always so broken
His head wasn’t always so hard
Most of his words go unspoken
Most of his memories are scars  

Each day he’s a little bit older
But the ghosts just won’t leave him alone
Some boys grow up to be soldiers
And some of them never come home  

It seems like she’s staring right through him
From a picture that sits on a shelf
He’s almost glad that she left him
If only he could leave himself  

Each day he’s a little bit colder
‘Til one day he’s cold to the bone
Some boys grow up to be soldiers
And some of them never come home

Cover image taken from the American Songwriter page.

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Song Of The Day: Short Sighted People In Power By My Politic

Kaston Guffey is a songwriter and singer in the band My Politic, based out of Nashville, in the U.S.. For a protest musician such as Guffey racial injustice in his country, climate change issues and the “unbelievable lies and norm busting of this white house” have affected him greatly.

Guffey writes to us via email: “We have spent the better part of our quarantine writing and recording “Short-Sighted People In Power”.  I wanted to create an “historical snapshot” of what is happening here in America.”

“I wanted to write something honest, something true.”

This song is from an album of the same title and according to Guffey the album is “meant to be heard as one piece, each song existing in context with the others…”.

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Music Video Of The Day: We Should Be United By Matt Gibbons

This single by Matt Gibbons was originally written for the 2018 U.S. midterm election but it stands as relevant today as it did then. In his press release Matt hopes that the song can relate and bond listeners instead of them feeling alienated and divided:

“This song is a well wish for American hearts. May we, one by one, go deeper on each issue that makes us only seem divided. Where it’s race may we experience common humanity. Where it’s politics may we wish well for all Americans. Where it’s the gun issue, may we remember the essence of cares on both sides, the desire to protect loved ones. May each American do the hard work that law and policy can never do, that is, trying to understand “the other,” so the other is not foreign, but “countryman.”

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