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Palestinian Protest Musician Jowan Safadi Releases ‘Super White Man’ (Video)

Roughly 1 year ago we covered the fundraising efforts of Palestinian protest musician Jowan Safadi. At the time he had 2 new albums in the works and now he contacted Shouts HQ’s to let us know of the success of the albums. Now he has released a new single titled ‘Super White Man’ (الرجل الأبيض الخارق) that comes in a beautiful animated video package.

A veteran of the protest music scene, Safadi has been writing music for the past 20 years about his experience as an artist and human being living in Palestine territories.

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Safadi wrote us a message about how his songs had traveled across the Arab world and its protests:

“…first of all allow me to thank you for the support with the album crowdfunding, a year ago. It came out and had a decent success. Songs featured there were played in the Lebanon revolution and protests around the Arab world.”

In ‘Super White Man’ Safadi addresses the powers that oppress and inflict perpetual pain onto people. Safadi himself has been arrested, tortured and oppressed by Israel, Jordan and other authorities and in the song he paint as picture of his experience in order to raise awareness of the issue.

“They told me everything about the holocaust
but no one told why I should pay the cost
They played wars and told me that I lost
and all the losers were forced to flee
Oh, super white man
Salamo alikom (peace upon you)
How does it feel
to solve your problem
and create one for me
and when… will I be free?”

– from Super White Man by Jowan Safadi (2019)

Cover photo credits: Jowan Safadi Facebook

This Is Illegal Music – Let’s All Share It

Mehdi Rajabian once served two years, of a larger sentence, in prison in Tehran, Iran, for making music. The oppression the government shows artists in the country is immense but some people, like Mehdi, continue to create beauty despite the threat of incarceration.

His latest work needs to be shared by the rest of us who are not facing the same hardship. This beautiful album, which can be streamed below, features artists from 12 middle eastern countries and includes songs recorded during war and during an escape on a boat by a refugee.

Mehdi Rajabian on Facebook
Mehdi’s profile on Freemuse

Cover photo ©Mehdi Rajabian

Palestinian protest musician raising funds for 2 new albums

Cover image: screenshot from Jawan Safadi’s fundraising video

Some musicians sing in protest for those that live under oppression and raise awareness about various injustices happening around the world. Others live in that injustice and make music about their very personal experiences. Jowan Safadi belongs to the latter group.

For over 20 years Jowan has been singing about the human existence he knows as life in Palestinian territories. After having been threatened, arrested and oppressed by both Israeli and Jordan authorities for singing his songs he is far from giving up and now has 2 new albums that he is raising funds for.

Stay Away From The East and Sing For it  (إبعد عن الشرق وغنيله) will feature 10 songs in Jowan’s traditional protest manner and inspired by “the frustrating political reality, our struggle for justice, freedom of speech and the escape to the west”. Jowan stresses that it is also important for him to sing about love and other human features for although his home land requires of him to use his voice politically he also believes that “in the beauty of personal art, and our need to sing about everything else that inspire us to think and feel; to make art for being all too human. Between songs of the heart and those of the mind, I try to find the balance to create authentic and honest music.” These songs will fill the second album, 7obsessions (حُبسشنز).


I spoke with Jowan via Facebook and asked him if there were others like him, in his close surroundings, critically singing about unjust governments to which he replied that there was not enough: “A thriving Palestinian rap scene can often be political. Unfortunately critique of religious oppression and brain wash is still an untouched taboo in local music. I would say what I do is more critical of the whole system, than just this government…”

Jowan will be touring in support of his new albums and recommends anyone interested to follow tour updates through his Facebook page. International concerts will be limited because as Jowan told me: “…it’s hard to reach my audience outside the internet, as it’s not really safe for me to perform everywhere.”

Lastly, as with everyone we interview at Shouts, I asked Jowan if there was anything he wanted to shout from the rooftops: No preaching intended, but seriously don’t fear loneliness. Get the best out of it. Get to know yourself and be creative in finding ways to entertain and enrich yourself. when singles come together.. they make the best albums. my next album “Stay Away from the East and Sing for it” includes 10 Arabic post punk anthems in the face of our reality. You can help me finish working on it by contributing to the production on my Indiegogo page. Much appreciated“.

Safadi’s fundraising page can be found here: https://igg.me/at/albumjowan/x